Rooted 10-Week Sermon Series

January 21 – March 24

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a 10-week curriculum and sermon series to build a spiritual foundation for wherever you are in your walk with Jesus. This is an opportunity for you to get “rooted” in your faith and develop a deeper devotion to the Lord. It will be comprised of weekly readings, workbook studies, and practical application that will provide a great opportunity for spiritual growth. Rooted will also include weekly small group gatherings, providing a safe space for biblical exploration, Q & A, and practical learning experiences.


Sunday mornings

On Sunday mornings, the sermon messages will explore the Rooted series topic for that particular week. Topics covered: Who is God? How does God speak to us? Where is God in suffering? Does prayer really work? What about fasting? And more…

How do I get involved?

Purchase a $15 workbook on Sundays at the patio Info Kiosk, or at the church office M-F 9a-5p.



Join a Rooted group today to coincide with our 10-week Rooted sermon series. These groups are designed to enhance the Rooted experience by meeting midweek in a small group and going through a workbook.  (NOTE: Rooted Groups are only for those who are not in a Grow Group. Grow Groups will also be going through the Rooted series.)

Questions? Contact the church office at 949.940.2600,