Online Parenting Course

Online Parenting Course

Intentional Film Series

A 9 Week Parenting Course with Pastor Amen Bains going through the Intentional Film Series.

Launching Tuesday evenings, March 5th.

  • Intentional created this film series to help parents in their God-given task of raising and making disciples of their children. Their hope is to give parents the tools they couldn’t find–yet so desperately needed–when they first set out to raise their own kids in the way of Jesus. 

Film Series Overview

  • Session One: Formulating the Plan 

    -Parental Roles 
    -Goals vs. Values 
    -A Life of Significant Impact

  • Session Two: The Foundation part 1

    -A Heart of Obedience
    -Tools for Discipline 
    -The Ten Year Rule 

  • Session Three: The Foundation part 2

    -Discipline vs. Punishment 
    -A Heart of Self Control 
    -Things We Wish We Had Done

  • Session Four: The Framing part 1 

    -Provoking Your Children To Anger 
    -The Box 
    -Character Development 

  • Session Five: The Framing part 2

    -Relationship Building 
    -Spiritual Training 
    -The 4/14 Window

  • Session Six: The Functional Systems part 1

    -Four Things You Will Need 
    -Three Things Your Teenager Will Need 
    -Understanding How to Deal with Temptation

  • Session Seven: The Functional Systems part 2

    -Three Secrets During the Teenager Years 
    -The Box Revisited
    -How to Appeal

  • Session Eight: The Finish Work 

    -Ten Things You Want to See in Your Children 
    -Your Highest Priority 
    – A Theology of Suffering 

  • Session Nine: The Front Door 

    -The Blessing 
    -The Prayer 
    -The Key 

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