Ideally, your HUDDLE would meet at least twice a month, preferably in person. Everyone should read the same devotional in the YouVersion Bible APP between meetings. Don’t forget to leave comments! The following can serve as a guide to help direct your time together. Remember, this is just a guideline!

Begin with prayer—One person prays for your time together. (~1 min)

2 Minute Update—Everyone briefly shares the major details of their lives. Keep this short. We suggest 2 to 3 minutes for each person, or you won’t accomplish anything else! (~3 min per person)

Devotional Discussion—Everyone shares one or two things that made an impact from their personal readings of the devotional in YouVersion. (~3 min per person)

Accountability—You will find a list of accountability questions. Pick one or two and have each person share specifically about how they are doing. (~2 min per person)

End with sharing and prayer—Everyone shares their personal prayer needs (personal, not something like, “my brother’s son’s friend’s mother knows someone who might have a paper cut.” Maybe everyone prays. Maybe each person prays specifically for one other person … change it up! Do what works best for your group. (~5 min)

Accountability Discussion Starters

As a group, choose 1 to 3 questions to discuss. You can use the list below or create your own. Here are some ways you might use these starter questions:

  • Each individual can pick their question(s)
  • The entire group can answer the same question(s)
  • Each individual picks one question that represents an area of strength or victory, and another question is a struggle or opportunity for growth.

Accountability isn’t easy—but, it’s worth the risk! Be as transparent as possible—accountability only works when it’s honest.

WORSHIP—Has God been your top priority? What distractions have been competing for your time and attention? Have you consistently spent time alone with God in prayer and Scripture?

PURITY—Have you had any flirtatious or lustful attitudes, tempting thoughts, or exposed yourself to explicit materials that would not glorify God? Have you kept your anger and pride under control?

SELF-CONTROL—Have you been controlling your anger, pride, greed, envy, substance abuse, eating, media intake, etc.? If you‘ve lacked self-control, how has this impacted your life?

GRATITUDE—Have you consistently expressed your thankfulness to God? What are five things you are thankful for today?

RELATIONSHIPS—Is your Christian walk evident in your most important relationships: spouse, kids, close friends, etc.? If not, how have you been struggling? Do you have any unresolved conflict that ought to be addressed? Is there someone you need to forgive?

WITNESS—How are your relationships with non-Christians? Have you encouraged or prayed for them specifically? If the time was right, and God provided the opportunity, would you speak up about your faith?

INTEGRITY—Is your faith in Jesus expressed in every area of your life: family, work, church, finances, free time, etc.? If not, where are you struggling? Have you been above reproach in your financial dealings?

HONESTY—Have you lied about any of your answers?