A Christmas party for kids 5 yrs old – 5th grade

Sunday, Dec 17 / 8:30am & 10:15am / during our regular Sunday classes

This special Christmas event is for kids 5 years old through 5th grade. Kids will walk away knowing that Christmas is not simply about receiving, but of giving, just like God gave us Jesus on Christmas Day!

Jingle Jam will take place during our regular service hours, 8:30am and 10:15am. Our rooms will be transformed and kids will discover the true meaning of Christmas.  Not only do we invite your children, but we encourage them to bring friends!

   • Kids will become artists or craftsmen via a craft!
   • Kids will see a fun skit that will reveal the best gift of all…Jesus!
   • Kids will worship – it’s not a party without music!

We can’t wait celebrate the biggest gift of all, so don’t miss Jingle Jam!

For more info, contact Ana at ana@pccsc.org.

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