Where God Makes Heroes!

Wednesday Nights / 6:45 - 8:30pm
Spring Semester: Jan 11 - May 17

Registration required. For a waitlist application, please email brittanie@pccsc.org

0-2 yrs. Childcare / 3-4 yrs. Mini Heroes / 5 yrs. - 5th grade Heroes
$85 per semester

Heroes, Inc. is where kids discover how God makes Heroes. At Heroes, Inc. kids are inspired by Bible Heroes whom God empowered to do remarkable things. Kids learn that God is the only real life Super-Hero, the divine Super-Hero behind every Bible Hero, and are taught Hero Characteristics:

H - Honor God first
E - Exercise your faith
R - Responsibility for self
O - Others focused


Bible memory verses taught during Show Time
Skits and small group time during Main Stage
Team building activities during Energy Zone
Worship time during Wrap Up
Love Like Jesus Compassion Projects

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For more information, please email ana@pccsc.org

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