Where God Makes Heroes!

Wednesday nights, 6:30-8pm, Auditorium

0-2 yrs: Childcare / 3-4 yrs: Mini Heroes / 5 yrs - 5th grade: Heroes

Heroes, Inc. is where kids discover how God makes Heroes! Every week, children are inspired by stories from the Bible. Kids learn that God is the only real Super-Hero, the divine Super-Hero behind every Bible Hero. God is in the business of making modern day Heroes out of everyday, ordinary people, including KIDS!


What does HERO stand for?

H - Honor God first
E - Exercise your faith
R - Responsibility for self
O - Others focused


What activities will my child do at HEROES?

Exciting Bible Stories
Weekly Scripture Memorization
Awesome Music and Energetic Games
Themed Nights
Compassion Projects


Cost is $90 per semester. Must be pre-registered, no registrations will be accepted at the door.

Completing this form will guarantee your spot on the Heroes, Inc. Waitlist. The average time a child is on the waitlist is from 1-3 weeks. Please continue to fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available.

For more info, contact Ana at ana@pccsc.org.

Adult and student volunteers needed! To volunteer, contact Brittanie at brittanie@pccsc.org.

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